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General Contractor # 885624
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Latest News

Water Heater Replacement

Our water heater replacement service includes draining and removing your existing water heater and installing a new water heater with new water hoses and a new shut off valve if needed.  I highly recommend strapping your ... read more

Broken Water Pipe Repair

Our broken water pipe repair service includes shutting off the water if it has not been turned off and quickly assessing where the pipe is broken if not known.  Once we have a clear idea, we’ll work out a solution and ... read more

Exercise Bicycle Assembler

Our Exercise Bicycle Assembly includes unpacking and assembling of parts and adjust the length of the pedals from the seat.  The cost to assemble an exercise bicycle is $120. ... read more

Dryer vent cleaning

Some times you need an unexpected dryer vent clog cleaned.  Our vent cleaning service includes testing your vent for air circulation and locating and cleaning out the clogs.  Some vents go up to the roof and some vents are ... read more

Room Addition

Our room addition aka guest house addition service includes clearing the land from sprinklers, shrubs, trees and digging the foundation.  At this point, we install the rebar which is metal bars into the dug up area and after ... read more

California Handyman Home Service offers a one-stop-call for all your home services what ever trade it maybe.  I am a licensed General Contractor and have knowledge and experience in all-trades including: Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, Welding, Drywall, Stucco, Concrete, and so on…

What ever your project is, how ever big or small, me and my subcontractors can take care of your home service needs from building your dream home to changing your water filter.  Give me a call for a free estimate and free consultation.  I specialize in Room Addition, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Appliances, Installations, Repairs, and Custom Cabinetry work.

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