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unlicensed plumbing and electrical services
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Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

August 8, 2017 by georgesaado

Our single handle kitchen faucet replacement service includes removal of your kitchen faucet and installation of your (customer provided) single handle kitchen faucet.  Please understand, all faucets are attached to water shut off valves that may not work properly and may break upon usage because the shut off valve is old and rusted.

If you live in a house, it’s very easy to turn off the water to the house and change the shut off valve, but in apartment buildings that is a little harder to do, but we will work with you in the event the shut off valve needs to be changed.

To change a single handle kitchen faucet, I charge $150.  You can call me at (818) 269-3978 to schedule a time for me to come over and replace the faucets.  If you have a dog, I ask you to lock em up when I get started.

We change kitchen faucets daily.  There are so many types, but my favorite is the single handle kitchen faucet.  Spread out faucets are harder to install and so are wall mounted kitchen faucets, but we do install all types of faucets so make sure to give us a call to get an estimate.

We also can provide you with a very nice kitchen faucet, just give us your budget and we can recommend a few brands and a few models to go with.

We always recommend you protect your faucet with a house water filter to filter out the elements that corrode your pipes and faucets.

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