ADU bathroom

We design your bathroom with you in mind.  We take your height for example it you are tall, we make sure to give you a higher shower faucet.  A spacious bathroom is so important to getting in and out of the shower and have a counter space to do your hair and make up, so we design your bathroom space with you in mind.  We have built many bathrooms that was part of an ADU we designed but many of the ADUs we worked on, were designed by others and we learned from their bathroom designs.

Tiling has always been a traditional surface for the bathroom, but lately, modern tiles have stunned the average tiler.  With sleek edges added into showers, and recessed storage areas are just a few things that people are willing to rennovate their shower for.  We include that in your new shower.  Infact, shower tiles are the most important part of the bathroom so we take great care in the design and implementation of each tile for the sake of the over all look.

We started to use the tile locks so that the tile surface is smooth as can be.  Tiling now is not traditional as it was.  We actually have a few great sub-contractors that are perfect tilers for our ADU bathroom construction.  

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