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Accessory dwelling unit construction

As an authority on ADU construction, California Handyman can help you with design, permitting, and construction of your new ADU.  We design the electric, gas, water, and even the cable and internet utilities.  We design the electrical work, plumbing work, and air conditioning and heating.

We install electrical panels and wiring as well as new plumbing, bathrooms, and kitchens.  Get a free estimate and free consultation today.  Our ADU General Contractor in Valley Village CA Services include rough plumbing and finish plumbing.  We include tankless water heater, 200 amp electrical panel, 1″ water supply pipe and 1″ gas supply pipe and 3″ inch main sewer drain.  We install water filters, faucets, garbage disposals,  dishwasher, microwaves, and air vents. 

remodeling experts

We also do electrical work changing out your outlets, switches, upgrading your electrical panel, and making sure the lights are on.  We do many bathroom remodels.  Master bathroom remodels, full bathroom remodel, and half bathroom remodeling.  We also build additions and A.D.U. and new construction homes. 

We work with the city to obtain building permits to construct or convert an accessory dwelling unit.  The design phase can take a couple of weeks to get every detail of the accessory dwelling unit construction project documented and a plan of action is attained.  A good strategy is planning ahead by using a project chart that will be followed by the project manager.  

Call us today to schedule an in home visit to discuss your construction needs.  We also work with home owners that have to comply with an order from the city’s building and safety to get an illegal gargae conversion compliant.  We work with the city to get your property leagalized.  

We understand some people converted their garage without a permit but now want to get that conversion legalized and permitted.  We can help you get you compliant with the city and building and safety.

Just give us a call and let us know how we can help you with your ADU needs.

ADU General Contractor in Valley Village CA - Matthew Saado
Matthew Saado – ADU General Contractor in Valley Village CA
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