ADU Heating and Cooling

When we install a min-split system in ADU construction, we have the opportunity to install the piping during framing.  Multi-Zone Mini-Split system is what we install because it is an energy saver and takes care of cooling and heating by using a reversable valve inside the unit.  It’s energy efficient because it monitors the temperature and scales back on heating and cooling when it’s not necessary.

We have installed many air conditioning units for Accessory Dwelling Units.  We have two staffs that handle two stages of the installation.  The first staff handle running the piping in the walls and ceiling to where the units will be inside the house from the outside unit.  Our electrician then runs the power from the main electrical panel to the unit outside about a 220 volt wires.  Then the electricians runs wires from the outside unit to each unit inside the house.  So each unit is now powered and has two pipes of refrigerant coming from the unit outside to each unit in the house.  Then the second staff comes in and de-pressurizes the pipes and fills them with refrigerant and opens the valves to get the system flowing with refrigerants.

We gaurantee our work and we gaurantee the heating and cooling units according the manufacturer’s warranty.  We never had any problems that we couldn’t take care of.  We have electrician sub-contractors and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sub-contractors that we work with closely, so you can rest assure we will take care of your cooling and heating comfort in your new ADU.

We do such a great job on insulating your new ADU that the heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work much and you save a lot of money on energy.

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