Thinking of replacing your bathroom with a new bathroom?

We can do all of it for you.  From designing a new bathroom that give you your space and reflects your personality and make it functional for you. We handle the design and construction of your new bathroom.  We do many bathroom remodels and everyone is unique.  We’ve never seeing the same bathroom twice.  The cramped up bathrooms are of typical design.  When you walk in, the sink is close to the door and then the toilet and then the tub.  Other bathroom configurations can be achieved with more space of course.  We know how to bump out your bathroom and make it bigger.  Usually by using adjascent closet space.  We have over 15 years experience in remodeling bathrooms.  We do all the plumbing and the electrical work ourselfs as well as venting and exhaust fans.  We make sure your new bathroom space is pleasant in all aspects of heating, venting, plumbing drains, hot and cold water supply, sinks, faucets, shower valves, sower heads, tubs, vanity, mirror, towel rack and lighting.

Our bathroom remodeling services includes demolition of your old bathroom tub, tiles, sink, vanity, and toilet.  We start with a new shower frame or rough in a new tub – what ever the customer prefers.  We are used to converting tubs to showers.  We can remove any tub including jacuzzi style tubs and build a shower in their place with tile walls and glass shower doors and panels depending on the shower design.  Our shower doors are designed with you in mind.  A typical shower door has stainless steel hardware and controls the shower door swing and used as a handle. 

Before we can install the shower door, however, a lot of tile work has to go in to level the floor with the wall o the glass fits in perfect.  Once everything is tiled and the glass shower door is on, you are ready to enjoy your new shower.  

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