Faucet Installation in Valley Village ca

High Quality Work

We install your kitchen faucet right the first time.  We will be there on time and ready to remove your old faucet and install your new faucet.

Our technician will arrive at the time of your choosing to install your kitchen faucet or your bathroom faucet on time.  

Our plumber technician will make sure your faucet is installed properly to your angle stop aka water valve.  Sometimes, the water valve size is different than the usual 3/8 inch connection but we have the adapters to use and get your faucet installed within the allocated time slot of your appointment.

California Handyman installs hundreds of faucets and we have removed hundreds more.  It’s always about the efficiency of the faucet especially the spout.  I personally like the shower effect spout but others say that splashes too much water everywhere.

The best faucet in my opinion, is the faucet that has the highiest drop.  That way you can manuever the dishes in that space and get the big pots.

Seize Your Moment

You can book us online for your convenience and you can call us to schedule a free estimate.  We will give you a quote for repair or replacement of your faucet installation in Valley Village CA.

Get ready to swivel your faucet and pull it out of its socket to reach all around the sink with out any problems.  Technology has advanced in the area of touchless kitchen faucets.  We have installed the touchless faucet for people in wheel chairs that can not reach the water valves.

These touchless kitchen faucets work with batteries and last a long time.  The faucet can still be operated with the valve if the batteries have expired.


We’re There For You!

You can rely on California Handyman for all your plumbing and faucet installations.  Call us today and book us to install your faucet today.

Long after we are gone, we will still be there for you and stand by our work.  Should you see any leaking or the faucet gets cloaged from debris in the water pipes, we can walk you through clearing it or we can come out.

We want you to enjoy your new faucet and make it useful in term of ergonomics or functionality of your kitchen.


Faucet Installation In Valley Village CA
Faucet installation in valley village CA
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