garbage disposal repair in valley village ca

Please, don’t wait for that stinky garbage disposal odor to call us.  Call us now!

It’s unsanitary, and your house will start to mold.

Our garbage disposal repair in Valley Village Ca services is for home owners and property managers to utilitze our service effortlessly.  Call, email, or book us online.

We will diagnose your garbage disposal switch to see if it is energized and working properly.  We will diagnose the blade to see if it is stuck.  We will test the power voltage and resistance to see if your electrical wiring is compromised or working properly.

Trust, we will do right by you and fix your garbage disposal for a low $140 diagnostic fee.

If we can not fix your garbage disposal, we have a standard Moen garbage disposal we can install.  It’s a 1/3 Horse power garbage disposal that we install frequently at $130 cost per garbage dsposal.  It comes with the electrical plug and chrome flange and pvc drain.

We have other garbage disposal models.  Call for details.


Our garbage disposal repair in Valley Village CA allows home owners to have their garbage disposal repaired fast and at an affordable rate.  Our in-home service to repair your garbage disposal can be attained by calling us directly, emailing us, or booking online for our services.  However, you may contact us, we encourage you to call us at your earliest so that we can resolve your garbage disposal problem and get you back in the kitchen with clean sink and clean odors.  

Our services for garbage disposal repair in Valley Village CA has been around  since 2006.  We have the tools to diagnose and troubleshoot your garbage disposal fast and easy.

Call us today for a free estimate or to book our services now.

Garbage Disposal Repair In Valley Village CA
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Our clients and potential clients may have concerns as follows:

My kitchen sink is clogged on one side where the garbage disposal is but not the other side of the sink.  This type of situation, ofcourse, is your garbage disposal not working.  Now is it not working because there is no power going to it.  Like, did someone unplug the garbage disposal?  This is an easy fix and once the garbage disposal is connected to power, the garbage disposal should work with the switch and turn on properly. 

Sometimes, the blades are stuck and they ahve to be rotated to get the garbage disposal working properly again.  Another time, the power needs to be reset on the garbage disposal with a button that acts like a breaker fuse.  

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