Toilet REPAIR PLUMBER in Valley Village CA 

Toilets in general are a robust bathroom fixture that has been forged in clay and covered in ceramic which makes it as strong as anything in your home.  The toilets do clog though because things get thrown in accidently or intentionally by kids or grown ups.  A toilet with a toy in it, will not flush anything, so we have to snake it out with a special tool for toilets.  The toy or item will most likely be jammed in the what we call a p-trap.  I believe it’s about a 2 inch diameter drain into the sewer.

The most frequent part that usually breaks down sooner than anything is the toilet flap that keeps the water in the tank until flush time.  That part can let water into the toilet and cost you money in unused water.  It’s not a quiet leak either.  Every now and then you will hear the toilet running.  Actually, some call it a running toilet.  We can fix those problems easily by swaping out the flapper.

Toilet parts that can break

The toilet valve sometimes gets damaged from debris in the water supply.  It will get stuck and it will cause a running toilet situation as the water never tops in the tank floater never turns off the water valve.  This is another easy fix we do by swaping out the toilet valves.  

In the rare situations where we can not get the item out of the toilet, the toilet itself has to be replaced.  When ever we replace a toilet, we install a new wax ring.  A wax ring goes under the toilet between the sewer drain and the toilet to water seal the connection.  Sometimes, people play on the toilet too much and that wax ring gets loose and starts leaking water.  We usually see this type of a problem in toilets with raised foundation homes.

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California Handyman has been installing toilets, and replacing toilets since 2006 in and around Valley Village, CA 91607.  Let us be the plumber in Valley Village that you are looking for and let us replace your toilet.  Call us today so we can schedule an in home visit to provide you with a repair or replace estimate.  Toilet repair plumber in Valley Village CA by California Handyman is a low cost solution than calling a big company that will charge you thousands of dollars.  We only charge you hundreds.  We are clean and knowledgable in toilet repair and toilet repair plumber in Valley Village CA since 2006.

We gaurantee our work with money back gaurantee.  We do such a good job, that your toilet will be sturdy and efficient.  Water leak proof and gauranteed for 90 days.  Call today and schedule an in home free consultation and free estimate.  We also have same day service if you are having an emergency, so give us a call now.

If it’s not an emergency and you want to schedule something in the future, we can also help you that way.  We can recommend a toilet brand or model for water conservation and efficiency.  Most water closets, is what contractors call them, are about a gallon and half flush.  Some new toilets allow for two valves to be used for number one and number two reducing the water used.  We like these toilets especially the ones that have a powerful flush.  The tanks are equiped with an inner container which makes power flush possible somehow.

Toilet repair plumber in Valley Village CA
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