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unlicensed plumbing and electrical services
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Custom Construction and type VI Construction are entirely different.  In the Hillsides of Los Angeles, California including San Fernando Valley, Construction takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to hillside construction.  Me and my company are upto the challenge.  I work with a great bunch of subcontractors that deliver their expert workmanship and with my ability to plan and execute construction projects, rest assure you will have your building in tip top shape in no time.

Room Addition with plumbing and electrical work start at $70,000.00 and new home construction depends on the square footage.  Give me a call, I would be most humble to give you a free consultation and free estimate.

I pull all the permits necessary for the construction and work with the city inspector to get you a an open occupied certificate to move in or open up that business.  I’ve helped a lot of home owners expand and bump out their homes but I’ve also helped a few business open up shop like dentistry.

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