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We are committed to serving home owners and property owners and property managers with our building repair and maintenance services.  

As an authority of home repairs, the most home repairs are due to water damage.  So, technically, we are a water damage restoration company.  That being said, will you take better care of your water pressure in your building, or will you gamble with having water damage in your home from bursting pipes?  It doesn’t cost anything for us to take a look for you, but there are signs you can watch out for, like rust.  Rust is usually found on the bottom of a water heater before it breaks it’s water bag and causes 40 gallons or so of water damage.  If you have high water pressure, you are in store for a fixture to burst or a pipe that is corroded.  

Electrical work sometimes is hazardous, depending on the age of the equipment, not necessarily, the wires.  The equipment used to disconnect in the old days, did just that.  There is a break function but as the age of this equipment continue, it gets weathered and does not spring back as it did, so it becomes dangerous or useless.  I recommend to always upgrade your electrical panel to 200 amps and get all new breakers.

Get a free estimate and free consultation today.  Our Handyman Services include plumbing repairs and upgrades such as tankless water heater upgrade, water filter installation, faucet installation, garbage disposal replacement, and dishwasher installation.  We also do electrical work changing out your outlets, switches, upgrading your electrical panel, and making sure the lights are on.  We do many bathroom remodels.  Master bathroom remodels, full bathroom remodel, and half bathroom remodeling.  We also build additions and A.D.U. and new construction homes.  A.D.U. is our newest and most utilized service as home owners are running out of space and are building back houses for their children or parents.

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